Ryder is a four-piece, hard rock band hailing from Queens, New York. Formed in 2016, the group has left its mark throughout North America before being signed in 2021 by UK-based record label, Bad Monkey Records. Ryder utilizes their brand of natural classic rock vibes, to throw down in front of a modern crowd. Lead singer & guitarist, James Ryder, reminds us what determination, passion, and the spirit of rock means. James' vocals are capricious and ungovernable, while his Guitar skills are classically hard. Rod Viquez's effortlessly deep, thunderous Bass tones resonate with audiences. Nick Bavaro fuses precision with rebellion on drums to create a monstrous, bombastic sound. Guitarist, Max Knight, rounds out the band by weaving long-sought, magically untouched, musical threads that turn Ryder into a single unifying force of pure molten rock. Ryder gives their all to live audiences with their authentically heavy sound. Ryder has played at some of the most iconic venues in the United States like LA's Whiskey A-Go-Go, NY's Gramercy Theater, NJ's Wellmont Theater, and the 2018 & 2019 Rocklahoma Festival. The group leaves a lasting impression on these audiences, with music that leaves you wanting more. Ryder is set to bring back the nostalgic memories that only rock concerts provide. With a mix of modern and classic rock vibes, Ryder takes their live concerts to the next level. The group's style pays respect to bands prior. National acts like Thin Lizzy, Aerosmith, and Black Sabbath, inspire Ryder's vibe while incorporating their own modern twists. Ryder's first EP, What It's Worth, released in 2018, is live compilation of original songs, that showcase the member's natural abilities. The group's first studio album, Killer Karma, came to life at Obscenic Arts Studio in Dillsburg, PA with Anthony Esposito (Lynch Mob/Ace Frehley/Red Dragon Cartel) at the helm. Released in August 2020, it has already caught the attention of fans across the world with its classic yet contemporary sound. Killer Karma fills the gap of what's been sorely missed in the hard rock scene lately. In 2022, Ryder released the single, Lilan's Lullaby, which has received over 300,000 views on YouTube. Ryder followed up by releasing Don't Think Twice, an EP, the same year (2022). Don't Think Twice showcases the group's next evolution in sound. These tracks bring back those classic hard rocking vibes with depth and a darker tone. Currently, Ryder is writing their next full-length album, sure to shake up the industry with their radiating, hard-hitting, works of art. In addition, this foursome recently released their new LIVE album, in commemoration of the 5th anniversary of their first live album release.